Settling into a new city

I firmly believe that everyone should move to a new place at least once in their life. Having to adjust to a new culture and calling a new place home is something that is equally challenging and rewarding. I had to do it when I moved from Winchester to Nashville, and I’m having to do it again as I am two weeks into my semester in Copenhagen. I don’t want to be a tourist here. Of course I am going to go see the Little Mermaid statue and go on a canal tour, but I truly want to become immersed in the culture here. I want to have a local spot where I go for a cup of coffee or a drink with friends. I want to be able to give someone directions. I want to volunteer and contribute to the community I am living in. While I’ve only been here a couple of weeks, I think that I’m starting to do just that.

Rule number one of living like a Dane is owning a bike and biking everywhere. I am renown for my lack of bike skills at home so this was a treacherous idea to me. Now it is a treacherous practice as well because I rented a bike for the semester. I’ve decided I should just tape a sign on my back that says “Undskyld” (which is “sorry” in Danish) when I bike. However, I do have to say it is getting better, and I really feel like I’m living like a local when I grab my bike to go to brunch instead of taking the bus or walking. The Green House has been branching out into the city some as well. We went to Cafe N, which is in Nørrebro, on Saturday and got brunch. The owner was the sweetest man despite the fact that we infiltrated his tiny cafe, and the food was amazing. After that, we went ice skating and grabbed hot chocolate afterward. We biked to all these places, which was a feat in itself.

10958243_10206059166545101_765772553_nTaking over Cafe N

10841469_10206059165945086_1184002241_nBiking from the cafe to ice skating

10966513_10206059164865059_1516999549_nLooking like a giant marshmallow at the rink

Also, I met my Visiting Family on Monday. My Visiting Family lives in Roskilde which is a 25 minute train ride out of the city center. It was a great visit and I am excited to get to know them more throughout the semester. They told me about Danish life and politics and I told them about what Kentucky is like. They also made the best meal I’ve had since I got here (followed closely by the Pizza Sandwich, so good), and by that I mean one of the few meals that was not reheated pasta.

The rest of this past week has been full of settling into classes and trying new pastries since I am surrounded by pastry shops. I also got a gym membership, ya know, cause all the pastries. Long story short, I’m starting to settle in to my new home and I’m loving every second of it.


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