Parliament and Porridge

So this week has been full of trips, classes, and Game of Thrones so sorry on the lack of blog posts. I also haven’t posted anything out of fear of this turning into a food blog, because that’s basically the only thing I’ve taken pictures of in the past week.


Sankt Pedrs Bageri wins best pastry so far



Today we went to the glass market, more properly known as Torvehallerne, where I ate the best oatmeal of my life. IT HAD CARAMEL IN IT. It was almost impossible for it to be bad. The market is full of different food options, from fresh cheeses and meats to coffee and tea. It’s basically a giant greenhouse with little stores in it and it makes me want to spend all my money. After that we went to the Nationalmuseet, which is a history museum that has Danish exhibits but also ones on Vikings and toys and people around the world. It was pretty cool, but information overload. Afterward we went to get smørresbrød, which is basically an open-faced sandwich on rye bread. It was really good, but it came with pickles on it (which was not listed on the menu!) so I destroyed it in an attempt to prevent my food from being tainted before I got a picture of how pretty it was. However, I did get a picture of it post destruction, but it’s really not the same. So that was just in the past 24 hours.


Outside the glass market


Porridge with apples, caramel, and almonds. I wish this was my everyday breakfast.


Literally five minutes after getting my oatmeal


The Nationalmuseet


Smørresbrød, post pickle removal

Throughout the week, we kept busy just with classes for the most part. I went on a field trip on Wednesday to Parliament, which was really cool. We got to speak with three Members of Parliament and an advisor for the Social Democrats, which are the current party that is in power. We heard from MPs from throughout the political spectrum, so it was a well-rounded view of the political system. It was interesting to see how charismatic each member was even if I didn’t exactly see eye to eye with them. American politicians could learn a lot. It was a three hour event that in America I probably would have dreaded, but here it was an interesting look into a completely different political system.


Outside of Parliament


Inside the Social Democrats’s meeting room where we heard from three MPs and an advisor

More adventures from the past week include going to Da Blå Planet, which is the aquarium, eating a waffle at midnight, finding the perfect casual bar just around the corner, and seeing the sun for the first time in a long time.


Me and my roommate Alana at the aquarium


Just looking’ at da fishes


Den Blå Planet


Late night waffles with girls on the floor


Beer and popcorn at Farfar


THE SKY IS BLUE. Who knew?

Next week is core course week, so I’ll have plenty to say about Odsherred, which is where my Glaciers and Human Impact class is going. Pinky promise to post more than once a week.


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