A Week Out of a Backpack: Prague

We left Vienna on Thursday for Prague. We got on our bus at 10:00 am and everything was going smoothly. We were woke up about an hour outside of Prague and told to get off the bus for 25 minutes, which is required by law apparently. We got off and were waiting in a rest area. We checked every so often if they were letting people back on yet. Then Brianne got up to check and ran back saying that the bus was moving. We jumped up and ran outside and the bus was gone. So here we are, stuck at a rest area in the Czech Republic, most of our stuff on the bus. Needless to say, we were in a state of panic. The rest area was mostly a restaurant so we went to the manager of the restaurant, desperate for help. He spoke almost no English so we had to talk almost exclusively through Google Translate. He ended up going around to different bus drivers in the restaurant and asking if they were headed to Prague. We ended up riding with the Czech national men’s soccer team. We sat quiet as church mice, because they were watching American Sniper and we didn’t want to disturb. To be honest, we didn’t know who they were at first but found out as we were getting off at the bus stop they dropped us off at in the city and the team captain shook our hands. After that, we were still in a panic on how to get our stuff. Marli’s twin sister Nikki is studying abroad in Prague so we called her at the rest area to go to the bus stop and get our stuff off of the bus before it left for Berlin. We took the Metro to the original bus stop we were supposed to be let off at and ran into Nikki and her friends holding all our stuff. We literally caught them by seconds or they would have been off on the train to go to class. We celebrated getting out of this bind, but unfortunately Brianne’s purse was missed and so she spent most of her time in Prague trying to figure out how to get her stuff back. After the Metro run in, we went to the hostel and dropped off our stuff and had the first calm moment of the day. We had only lost an hour or two so we jumped right into sightseeing. First stop was Wenceslas Square, which had a lot of stores and Trdelnik, which is fire baked bread covered in cinnamon and sugar. I was already in heaven. Then we walked to the river and took in the view. The city is kind of set up like Budapest, which hills and castles on the west bank and city sprawl on the east. We walked down the river toward the south side of the city where Nikki lived. After we managed to meet up with Nikki and her friends, we took the tram to grab dinner. After dinner, we went to a jazz bar that is in a Metro station, which was really cool and had a great half dark, half light beer. Afterward, we went to Anonymous Bar, which is based on everything Guy Fawkes related. It was really cool, but really expensive. At this point, I was falling asleep on the couch at the bar so I failed to get any pictures of it. Then we headed back to the hostel.


Wenceslas Square


Old Town Hall Tower


Prague Castle from the east bank


Along the Danube River


Dinner of potato dumplings and beef

Friday morning we got up early as usual and went to breakfast at Cafe Louvre, which was highly rated, but I found it pretty meh after all the good food we had had up until this point. Afterward we raced to Prague Castle to see the changing of the guard, but when we got there we could hardly see because we went to the wrong side. Afterward we wandered around the castle for a bit, which was absolutely beautiful, and had a great view out over the city. Then we walked down to the Lennon Wall, which is just a wall that is spray painted with John Lennon quotes and there is constantly someone playing Beatles music. It was very cool all the same. I also ran into a girl from my hometown there which was really random. After that, we took the funicular railway up to the top of the giant hill on the west bank to Petrin, where we climbed to the top of a mini Eiffel Tower to see for miles. No lie, the height made me a little anxious so I was glad to leave. Then we met up with Brianne, and she finally had all of her stuff from the horrendous bus service and all was well. We stopped for appetizers at a vegetarian restaurant then we went to the Prague Beer Museum, which was a restaurant that had like a million different beers on tap. Then we went back to Wenceslas Square were we got another Trdelnik, because who can resist? I went back to the hostel after that because my feet were not having it and they went out. It was nice to just chill out for a bit and take in everything had happened on my own. It felt like a lifetime had passed since we arrived in Budapest and I was starting to really look forward to being back in Copenhagen.


Tea and Breakfast at Cafe Louvre


Prague Castle Cathedral


View of Prague from Prague Castle


Another look out over Prague


Straight up cheesin’


Marshmallowin’ at the Lennon Wall


A little inspiration from the Lennon Wall


Lennon Wall


View from Petrin Tower


Panorama from the top of Petrin Tower


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