When I tell people I am studying abroad in Copenhagen, I often get “Why Denmark?” Denmark is not the standard, nor does it necessarily have the automatic appeal of London or Paris. Despite that, Copenhagen really caught my attention.

Studying abroad has always been something I wanted to do. I dreamed of exploring European cities and getting lost in the many corridors of museums. I imagined coffee on a city street and asking the locals for directions because I don’t know the language. I hoped for all the confusion and conquests of both losing myself and finding myself in a new city. However, after freshman year of college, it seemed like it was not in the cards for me.

After a year of being confused and jaded by college, I declared two majors my sophomore year; I wasn’t sure I would have time to complete both majors at Vanderbilt, much less get to go abroad as well. But after loading up my schedule the past few semesters, I finally made room for going abroad, but the classes would definitely have to count for more than just hours toward graduation. While looking at potential programs, I had it narrowed down to Copenhagen and South Africa. Both programs had classes I needed that would directly transfer to count toward my majors. Deciding between the two was quite simple. After dreaming of a European study abroad experience, DIS seemed to be the only option. I looked into it more and I could not have  found a better fit for my goals for my academics and myself while abroad. DIS provides a good mix of academics, culture, and experiences. There is an environment for and expectation of immersion in the Danish culture and for individual exploration. The classes seemed both interesting and challenging, and they offered a hands-on learning experience where you learn both in the classroom, in Copenhagen and in greater Europe. There were a variety of housing options, one of which was the Green Living and Learning Community that I will be participating in for the next semester. There were a number of opportunities to travel around Europe through the program. The choice was already made for me.

So that is why I chose Copenhagen and the DISabroad program. In the end, nothing fit quite like DIS, and I know Copenhagen will be the study abroad experience that I always imagined.


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